Dev Kit — Codota helps developers create better software, faster by providing insights learned from all the code in the world. — Headless CMS. Content management and delivery APIs in the cloud. Comes with one free micro space that includes 10 users, 5000 records, 24 Content Types, 2 locales.

From tools to platforms, programming languages to blogs, .dev is a home for all the interesting things that you build. If provided, the callback will be passed each resource URL before a request is sent. The callback may return the original URL, or a new URL to override loading behavior.

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IP Geolocation — IP Geolocation API - Forever free plan for developers with 30k requests per month (1k/day) limit. The Software may periodically check for updates, and download and install them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources. Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with updates. - An integration platform built for developers. Develop any workflow, based on any trigger. Workflows are code, which you can run for free. - Web app development with nothing but Python. - Form to Email service, free plan allows unlimited forms, 500 submissions per month, support by Customer assistance team. - Add visual testing to any web app, static site, style guide, or component library. 10 team members, Demo app and unlimited projects, 5,000 snapshots / month.

It is provided with building blocks, tutorials and demo applications. A group for anyone using (want to use) golang for programming and development of software or engineering applications. With a strong ecosystem of tools and APIs on major cloud providers, it is easier вум than ever to build services with Go. 15 years ago, what was then known as Google Maps APIs made Google's knowledge of the real world available to developers. Take a look back at the history of Google Maps Platform, and see what's new to help you keep building.

You agree to receive these automatic updates without any additional notice. Updates may not include or support all existing Software features, services, or peripheral devices.

The NextMind Dev Kit allows developers and hobbyists to easily build their own brain-controlled environment and applications. The Dev Kit is built around Unity 3D, an intuitive and widely used game engine.

Collection 50 resources Updated Fast load times Guarantee your site loads quickly to avoid user drop off. Collection 11 resources Updated Network reliability See consistent, reliable performance regardless of network quality. Collection 7 resources Updated Safe and secure Ensure your site and your users' data is secure. .dev is a secure domain for developers and technology.

  • And based on the outcome, you might then refine your ideas and change your choices and maybe keep iterating in order to try to find a better and a better neural network.
  • When you're starting on a new application, it's almost impossible to correctly guess the right values for all of these, and for other hyperparameter choices, on your first attempt.
  • And then you just have to code it up and try it by running your code.
  • Today, deep learning has found great success in a lot of areas.
  • You run and experiment and you get back a result that tells you how well this particular network, or this particular configuration works.


This behavior can be used to load assets from .ZIP files, drag-and-drop APIs, and Data URIs. Sets the background image of the scene when viewed inline. Takes a URL to an equirectangular projection image that's used for the skybox, as well as applied as an environment map on the model.

HTML/CSS/JS minification, cache busting, tree shaking, source-mapping, code-splitting and lazy loading, ES6 transpiling, вум linting code, accessibility features. Quasar takes care of all these and more - no configuration needed.

Your use of Other Services or of Software features that rely on Other Services may be governed by separate terms and subject to separate privacy policies. You can view these separate terms and policies through the Other Services’ websites or settings, as applicable. The Other Services may not be available in all regions. You may not use tokens the Software uses to call into a Microsoft Azure service separate from the Software. Quasar developers are encouraged to follow web development best practices, and Quasar comes with many embedded features to that regard out of the box.

That way, you all have the same basic org in which to do your development. Find your device, click the plus, and select the file created by iOS App Signer. Enterprise developers can hit the ground running with our ready-to-use, вум battle-tested web applications—which cover a wide variety of business scenarios. Arc developers cover every tech stack and timezone, delivering complex projects under tight deadlines in a variety of industries.

Supports png, jpg and hdr (recommended) images. A Dev Hub provides you and your team with the ability to create and manage scratch orgs. Scratch orgs are temporary Salesforce environments where you do the bulk of your development work in this new source-driven development paradigm.

Up to 3 projects, 20 users, and 1GB of storage space. — Free, unlimited push notifications for 2000 monthly active users.

Although scratch orgs are meant to be disposable, the scratch org configuration files contain the real brawn. Through the configuration file, you can configure the scratch org with different Salesforce editions and with just the features and settings you want. And you can share the scratch org configuration file with other team members.