This is the main relationships on the whole series additionally the extremely hotly argued

This is the main relationships on the whole series additionally the extremely hotly argued

4 Canon: Gajeel Levy

Gajeel and Levy start the fresh new terrible out of footings, in order to become more lovable few from the entire collection. In the Phantom Lord arch, Gajeel nails Levy and her family relations so you can a tree shortly after conquering him or her. You would think that would-be enough to harbor good grudge forever, however, Levy does not, accepting him toward guild whenever anyone distrusted your.

The lady trust are really-dependent when Gajeel concerns this lady guide when you look at the battle with Laxus (one of a great many other times regarding series). They have probably one of the most poignant views as well, where Gajeel closes Levy from preserving your while the Bradman drags him to your underworld. He's one of the few people about this record one to never attempted to hide their thoughts off both.

step 3 Fanon: Laxus Freed

Laxus has actually featured here double because he or she is one of the more enigmatic characters regarding the reveal. He had been faraway off group besides their Thunder Legion so you're able to initiate. Loyalty the latest Legion displayed so you can your is actually second to none, not one moreso than Freed who does do just about anything on the someone he noticed while the a great comrade.

While the show becomes after that collectively Freed's wishes hunt more than only relationship, will blushing whenever Laxus is shirtless as well as providing to completely clean their back using one event. It's not clear if this is a-one-ways enjoy like it are with Juvia otherwise common. We all know hence way fans would love they to visit.

dos Cannon: Natsu Lucy

Those who work in prefer of it indicate how long the fresh new a couple of purchase with her as well as how close their bond try. This is exactly found into several occasions, for example Lucy moving off Phantom Lord's sky prison, realizing that Natsu could be truth be told there to catch this lady.Read more